Kristine Bayles

Ready to challenge yourself and feel more in control, empowered and passionate about yourself and your life again?

Standalone Support Calls

Sometimes sitting back and allowing someone else to observe your thinking on a particular situation is the information and edge you need to succeed.

1:1 12 Week Program

Transform from stressful to successful in a safe and non-judgemental space. Together we'll build mindset management tools for you to implement.

Facilitation Training

Guiding leadership groups to implement the model, and train their students to use stress management tools to overcome and to make decisions in any circumstance.

Cognitive Training to Battle Stress ​

I spent 5+ Years competing internationally as a Pentathlete, 7 years in high pressure surveillance teams and 14 years preparing police candidates to perform in hostile environments.

Now, I help others perform at their highest level while under pressure, stress and fatigue. I provide cognitive tools, that through practice can be applied daily to ensure a healthy mindset moving forward.

I can help you…

After two decades of working with over 5,000 students in a Canadian police department, I set out to create a support system that would capture the mental and cognitive training front-line workers require to perform to the highest
standard and to maintain their own personal well-being.

Implemented through a blend of life coaching, consultations and one-to-one facilitation sessions, I work with officers, civilians and organizations to improve their welfare and performance.

Meet Kristine

I spent my life pushing my mind and my body to the edge in order to perform under the most intense circumstances both as an athlete and as a police officer. In that time, I experienced incredible pressure, expectations and stress
which significantly impacted my mental well-being.
I decided to invest my time to become certified in Positive Psychology and trained as a Life Coach. What I discovered was that through a blend of selfcoaching and cognitive tools, I could manage my mind in a much more
effective and healthy manner.

Now, I’m on a journey to work with departments, recruits, officers and civilians to teach individuals how to have a healthy mind working for you, not against you.

"Kristine’s coaching and methodologies provided me with
a safe and non-judgemental space that allowed me the
experience to grow and learn plus the opportunity to really
look at myself and challenge myself in a positive accepting way

Lynn B.

What is the model?

After spending two decades in a state of anxiety, I decided to focus on becoming certified in Positive Psychology and Life Coaching to create a curriculum that helps those working on the front lines.

Today, I harness this training to work 1:1 with individuals who want to make positive changes in their lives or who want to train their mind to tackle the challenges they’ll experience both at work and in life before the crisis

Through a blend of positive psychology practices, applying the ‘The Model’ and implementing a daily self-coaching practice, I help clients put things into perspective. To stop their minds from spinning out of control and ultimately to
be in control of their minds so their brains are working for them, not against them. The aim, to enable you to succeed faster and without all the mind drama because success is not an accident.

Become confident in your mind and unlock your full potential.

How I can work with you

Today, I work with clients who want to make positive changes in their life or who want to train their minds to tackle the challenges they’ll experience before
the crisis happens.

Through a blend of positive psychology practices, using ‘The Model’ and a self-coaching practice, I help clients put things into perspective. I help them achieve their goals and dreams faster and while getting out of their own way. The result: to arm you with mindset management tools not taught before, so you succeed faster with tools you can use every day of your life for the rest of your life to accomplish everything you have ever wanted.

Ready to get started?

Ready to challenge yourself and feel more in control, empowered and passionate about yourself and your life again?