Meet Kristine

I help emergency services personnel manage their mind-set by introducing and teaching mind-set management skills so they recover from stress both work and life faster!


Where do you find support?

I spent my life pushing my mind to the edge in order to perform under the most intense circumstances. Yet, despite the incredible pressure and expectations, there was little to
no support for my mental well-being.

 Sure, there were some vague suggestions to use breathing techniques to avoid tunnel vision and auditory exclusion but there was nothing offered to train and manage my
mind before the crisis happened, so I came out stronger on the other side.

Now I’m on a journey to change this through my work with organizations, recruits, officers and civilians. 

Competing on Paverotti’s horse

Before joining the police force, I competed internationally on Canada’s Modern Pentation Team. That’s riding equestrian, swimming, shooting, running and fencing. I was fortunate enough to compete on the world stage for several years against the top talent in the US and Europe.

And yes, I rode Paverotti’s horse in a competition

Yet, despite reaching the height of the sport and undergoing grueling physical training routines, I was left with little to no support in advance of the struggles I would evidentially face.

Kristine’s coaching and methodologies provided me with a safe and non-judgemental
space that allowed me the experience to grow, learn, and the opportunity to really look at
myself and challenge myself in a positive accepting way.
After working with Kristine my self-esteem was boosted, my
confidence elevated, and I now feel empowered and in control of my thoughts
and actions. There is no better feeling!

Lynn B.

25 years in the Police Department

After burning out, my sports career ended. I gravitated to the world of policing to follow in my dad’s footsteps where I would go on to spend the next 25 years.

Throughout my time, I worked across several units until I found my calling in surveillance and found myself as the only female.

With the anxiety-inducing environments, high stakes and pressure of expectations from colleagues and family, I again found myself suffering the consequences of stress in my personal and professional life.

During my career, I decided to pivot to train recruits, civilians and senior officers to perform in high-stress environments – yet, what I found was the curriculum available just wasn’t enough to prepare those that needed mindset training the most.

I decided it was time to change that..

So, I decided to invest my time to become certified in Positive Psychology and become trained as a Life Coach.

I learned a technique called the Model which changed everything. Through coaching and implementing a self-coaching practice, I lowered my stress levels both physically
and mentally in any and every circumstance I was and am faced with. I will teach you how too.

I found myself feeling more confident in dealing with the unknown when it happened. I acquired the capacity through mind-set training to make quicker, smarter and better
decisions both at work and in my personal life. It also gave me the freedom to leave work at the office and connect with those around me better, leading to a happier and
much more fulfilling balanced lifestyle.

Now, I am on a journey to work with organizations, recruits, officers and civilians to teach them mind-set management skills they have never been taught before.