Are you tired of facing the struggles and judgements of balancing an EMS career with both family, friends, strangers and social media, without the right tools?

The Results

Through weekly 1:1 sessions via Zoom, I will ask you the hard questions to help identify your bias, beliefs, thoughts and feelings to determine the best method to train your brain. You will discover you are the sole creator of your results, good or bad and your
results all start with your thoughts, good or bad.


You will increase your confidence and desire to try new things without the fear of failing.


You will create a happier and healthier lifestyle using an easy-to-use coaching system

Reduce Stress

You will sleep better, have compassion and empathy for yourself thus providing better
self-care both physically and mentally.

Build Strength

You will learn a new skill that you can always use no matter what the circumstance and
not matter what you are faced with.

Nobody teaches you how to manage stress

Most EMS workers are already high functioning and have an unselfish desire to help others, often putting themselves on the back burner.

I spent 25 years in the police department, specializing in surveillance and negotiating high-stress environments and experienced first-hand the trials of balancing the
expectations of personal and professional pursuits.

Whether your career is pushing you to the edge every day or you are striving towards a long-term goal, stress management is a part of life. Yet, we are left to cope with
sustained pressure to find our own ways to train and manage our minds. Life is not getting easier but in fact harder. Therefore, we need to have more tools in our toolbox
to address our thoughts about circumstances and the ripple effect it creates.

Responding to those who need it most

After spending two decades in a state of anxiety, I decided to focus on becoming certified in Positive Psychology, training as a Life Coach and creating a curriculum that
helps those working on the front line of EMS. I’ve been there, I can relate, and I have your back!

Today, I harness this training to work 1:1 with individuals who want to make positive changes in their life or who want to train their minds to tackle the challenges they’ll
experience personally or professionally.

Through a blend of positive psychology practices, using ‘The Model’ and developing a self-coaching practice, I help clients’ put things into perspective, to stop their mind from
spinning out of control and ultimately to be in control! The aim, to enable you to succeed without all the mind drama, to make decisions faster and to own and choose your thoughts that serve you the most. I identify my client’s true
desires and who they really desire to be instead of showing up unconsciously as who they are expected to be.

"Working with Kristine during a huge career transition has been incredibly helpful for me. After years of working in the sustainability field, I decided to pursue my passion and work towards a career in law enforcement. Kristine was incredible to work with. She assisted in goal setting, stress management, and worked to prepare me for the most stressful aspects of such a long and arduous process. Her constant support and enthusiasm was particularly energizing. I am happy to say I now work for Peel Police! Yay!"


Responding to those who need it most

Modern Health research scientist Dr. Sara Sagui-Henson shows promising evidence in support
of coaching. “Clients after at least one session with a certified coach saw a 76% increase in their
over all well-being. These findings build upon our previous published research showing the
more sessions people participated in, the more their well-being improved”.

This is for you if..

How I can help

Through weekly 1:1 sessions via Zoom, I will ask you the hard questions and offer you work sheets to dive into bias, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions to determine what is fact verses story and how you are the sole creator of your results, good or bad.

Through thoughtful and specific individualized coaching we will discuss together where you and are your brain currently are to where you want to be and the how.

What I offer

Support Calls as needed

On a need to need bases when you have something weighing on your mind, could be a goal, a decision, a dream or desire.

One to One Coaching

Build the confidence and ability to manage and continue to train your brain through life’s challenges by self-coaching.

Department Training

Training in mind management for your members to work more efficiently and effectively. To recover faster and come out stronger on the other side.


Dont be affraid to reach out with questions, we’ll move at your pace and make sure all of them are answered before we proceed.

A consultant usually has a background gained through experience on a
particular topic.

A therapist deals with clients with unresolved past trauma or addictions.

A life coach may or may not have a background in a particular field. They
most often use mind management tools that can be learned and applied to
any situation you may encounter in work or life.

A life coach offers a non-judgmental space as they guide you to determine
the best course of action for you as a unique individual and where you want to

Life coaches deal with the present space a client is in and works
collaboratively with the client to work towards their goals.

“If there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, then there is room for life coaching. Why struggle on your own when you can get what you want out of life in a fraction of the time with the structure, support, and tools of a skilled life coach?”

Olympic Athletes are the best in the world in their disciplines. Highly driven,
motivated and resilient individuals none of which any of them would be showing
up in their best form if they didn’t have coaches of all kinds including life coaches
in their corners. Top athletes, businesses, CEO’s, parents have the best team
around them to support them both physically and mentally to not only survive but

Life coaching has been around for years but many people are just hearing about

Life is getting more difficult, not easier. People are no longer just looking to pay
the bills and sit for years in unfulfilling jobs. People are more driven then ever
and want to live the dream. Successful individuals are recruiting life coaches and
building a dedicated team to ensure they have all the bases covered, life
coaching is integral part of a successful team.

Success is not an accident, and you can’t do it on your own ask any professional
athlete, CEO, parent, actor or musician. The list goes on.

Yes and No. Some people reach their desired goals. Many people do not and need help in reaching those goals in less time with less drama and with less expense. That is what a
life coach helps with. Most people are capable but need help putting things in
perspective, creating a successful path and help in getting out of their own way. That’s where a life coach comes in.

We have been taught to work harder, make sacrifices and hope it works out. I
am going to coach you on how to work smarter and get your desired life without
working harder or making unnecessary sacrifices.

For the most part yes. You need to feed your body fuel and movement to survive. Our brains are no different. Although, without proper mind management training our brains take us on a crazy thought provoking downward spiral and that is before the crisis happens never mind after because that is a part of living the human experience. We need to teach ourselves and our brains how we want it to respond and think instead of just listening to the stories and bias it has been taught and thus creates worse case scenarios.

Ready to get started?

Ready to create what you want instead of what is expected?